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Fuelre4m is

Clean & Efficient

Proven & Tested Results


improvement in fuel economy


elimination of emissions on fuel consumed


elimination of all GHG & particulate on fuel saved

Reforming fossil fuels for an accelerated hybrid future

Fuelre4m is not just a company; it’s a movement towards a greener, more sustainable future. With groundbreaking fossil fuel reforming technology, powered by 100% organic vegetable esters, we aim to reengineer the way industries harness energy and accelerate a hybrid future.

Our aspiration is clear: to make fossil fuel consumption not only more efficient and affordable but also environmentally acceptable, setting a new standard of sustainability for everyone.

Our Guarantee

Our promise to you is simple:

Fuelre4m’s innovative Re4mx products will cost you nothing to use and will also significantly reduce fuel consumption and emissions production at better than NET ZERO COST. ALWAYS.

Because saving the planet need not cost the earth.

4 reasons to use Fuelre4m

1 Enhances fuel quality, elevates engine protection
2 Unlocks savings beyond compare
3 Pioneering emissions elimination
4 Empowering ESG/CSR commitments

Industries We Serve

Fuelre4m is a versatile solution designed to enhance the quality and efficiency of all fossil fuels. Through meticulous testing, we’ve validated its effectiveness across a spectrum of fuels, including household kerosene, petrol, diesel, MGO, HFO, and VLSFO. Our rigorous testing extends to diverse engine types, from small two-stroke lawnmower engines to massive two-stroke slow-speed diesel engines commonly found on oil tankers.

We understand that different applications present unique challenges. That’s why our formula can be customised to address specific needs, whether it’s for marine use or optimising VLSFO fuel oil. With Fuelre4m, you can trust in tailored solutions that deliver optimal performance and effectiveness in every application.

Ports & Docks


Quarrying & Mining

Truck, Bus & Fleet

Power Generation


Fuelre4m partners with Ardmore Shipping for a revolutionary fuel efficiency trial

Fuelre4m partners with Ardmore Shipping for a revolutionary fuel efficiency trial

June 11, 2024

Fuelre4m, a pioneering UAE based international company dedicated to transforming fossil fuel used in critical industries, has today announced a three-month efficiency trial with Ardmore Shipping. The project will commence with the pilot on Ardmore Shipping’s Ardmore Seahawk, focusing on reducing fuel oil consumption and enhancing operational efficiency using Very Low Sulphur Fuel Oil (VLSFO). […]

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Aldar Education Partners with Fuelre4m to Pioneer Sustainable School Transportation

Aldar Education Partners with Fuelre4m to Pioneer Sustainable School Transportation

May 24, 2024

UAE – May 2024 – Aldar Education is taking a bold step towards environmental sustainability by exploring the use of biofuel for its fleet of school buses. This initiative is a critical component of Aldar Education’s net zero strategy, aimed at significantly reducing carbon emissions. In collaboration with Fuelre4m, a leader in innovative fuel solutions, […]

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May 18, 2024

In the era of climate change, the quest for sustainable energy solutions has intensified. Yet, amidst the fervor for renewables and eco-friendly alternatives, a shadow looms over the energy industry: greenwashing. This deceptive practice, wherein companies mask their products or services as environmentally friendly, threatens to obscure the true path to sustainability. As we witness […]

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