The World’s First Innovative Solution to the Polystyrene Crisis.

Introducing Styrex.

As part of our revolutionary product line Fuelre4m brings you the first and only 100% natural solution on the planet that breaks down and eliminates polystyrene.

A product designed to eliminate polystyrene waste and convert it into energy dense sustainable fuel.

This unique solution addresses one of the world’s most significant pollution challenges; expanded polystyrene (EPS) waste.

Styrex is set to transform waste management and energy production on a global scale.

The Polystyrene Crisis:
A Global Environmental Challenge

The world is facing a mounting crisis with polystyrene waste, a material commonly used in packaging and insulation. Traditional recycling methods are inadequate, leading to vast amounts of waste that remain unaddressed. This escalating crisis calls for innovative solutions that can effectively manage and mitigate the environmental footprint of polystyrene waste.

14M tons of polystyrene waste are produced worldwide annually.

Despite its utility, polystyrene is notorious for its environmental impact to landfill overcrowding and ocean pollution.

1M marine life and their ecosystems are significantly harmed annually.

80% of waste ends up in landfills.

Non-biodegradable material takes up to 500 years to decompose.

Recycling rates remaining are alarmingly low.

Polystyrene accounts for about 30% of landfill volume worldwide.

A Tried and Tested Discovery

The discovery of Styrex is a testament to the power of innovation and the pursuit of sustainable solutions.

5-years of meticulous research and development of Re4mx products led to this remarkable solution.

The unique solution which utilises the 7% waste from Re4mx, combined with two additional ingredients and three sets of different processes.

Pioneering method has resulted in the world’s first viable solution for recycling and repurposing polystyrene.

The Organic Process

Styrex employs a revolutionary 100% natural organic process that sets it apart from conventional waste management solutions.

The Molecular Breakdown

The core of Styrex’s innovation lies in its ability to perform a molecular breakdown of polystyrene, understand the technology behind it.

The Residue Formation

The transformation of polystyrene into a new renewable energy source demonstrates the dual function of this ground breaking solution.

The World’s First Solution to Eliminating Polystyrene.



Planet’s Landfill Problem:

Styrex drastically reduces the environmental burden by removing EPS from landfills.



Polystyrene into Fuel:

The conversion of EPS into a dense fuel ensures no waste is left behind, contributing to sustainable energy Production



First Time Solution:

Styrex provides a ground-breaking method for recycling and repurposing polystyrene, revolutionising global waste management practices

Benefits of Styrex

“Styrex offers a sustainable, efficient, and immediate solution.

It is not only wrong but also irresponsible to continue dumping polystyrene when such a viable solution exists.

It’s not just about making a choice; it’s about making the right choice.”


Full Turnkey Solution.

A solution for the planet.

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