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Quarrying & Mining

The biggest factors impacting fuel efficiency in mining are idle time, operator technique, mine set-up, equipment selection & operation and, of course, technology. But what about fuel quality? Right now, your mine is operating as efficiently as you can get it, on the fuel you have supplied. You know and prepare for the impact of a bad batch of fuel, but what if you could improve the performance of your fuel by 15% to 20%? What if you could deliver more power from the same fuel when you need it, or need less fuel to keep your engines idling or moving when you don’t?

Fuelre4m’s Re4mx diesel changes the structure of the fuel you use, without changing the chemical composition of the fuel. Through reforming the fuel molecules in the fuel tank, Re4mx reduces particulates and drop size by more than 50% (in EN590 fuel – more in less refined fuels), helping the fuel system, keeping fuel filters cleaner, improving injector performance and allowing more power to be released from the fuel at exactly the right moment it is needed.

Using Re4mx diesel to condition your fuel also helps to meet environmental goals too. By improving the combustibility of the fuel, less unburnt fuel is ejected during the exhaust stroke, meaning fewer produced emissions. Between 40% and 80% fewer, just through improved combustion. That’s not all though. For every litre of fuel saved, Re4mx diesel has stopped the production of 2.68kg of CO2 and ALL emissions that would have been created if that litre had been consumed. 100% emissions reduction on fuel saved.

Get in touch with the Fuelre4m team and let us show you how improving the quality of your fuel can have more impact on a modern business than the top 5 fuel efficiency factors you’re used to.