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What Is The Difference Between Someone Selling A Product Versus Providing A Solution?

At Fuelre4m we pride ourselves in working with our clients as partners, not just clients.

Is there a difference? Yes, we believe there is. If we sell you a product, we have a high cost of sale and a high risk that you will abandon the product at some stage. We don’t want that. We want you to use #addFuelre4m because you believe in it as we do. #addFuelre4m, when used correctly, will be cost-free to the partner – you will reduce your fuel bill by more than the price our fuel supplement, in the same month. And it will continue for as long as you use it. So, what is the difference, or is it just sales talk?

Most of our clients want to verify performance of the product in their own vehicles and do a trial. We’re actually OK with that, despite the fact that these tests cost us a lot of time and money. It costs us money because:

  1. We have to visit the client’s premises several times to select the test vehicles, explain the process to the staff involved and train them, provide them with the tools to do the tests successfully, and follow up and monitor the test.
  2. We have to collect data from them, process and analyse the data, produce reports and then provide the client with a final presentation of the results before we proceed to implementation.
  3. We use this time to:
    1. Understand the client’s operations
    1. Refine the process of applying #addFuelre4m to reduce #fossilfuel consumption and #emissions within the client’s operations to make the process of business transformation to a lower cost, lower #emission operation as smooth as possible.
    1. Produce a draft implementation plan that covers:
      1. Training your staff once the implementation plan has been agreed
      1. Helping you design a process and procedure that will be ISO9001 compliant, and will take into account Risk Management with regard to the stock of #addFuelre4m to ensure that it is fully accounted for each month
      1. Help you adjust or design KPI’s if necessary to ensure monitoring and controlling implementation is a smooth and simple task
      1. All tools required to successfully implement and complete the transformation to a lower cost lower #emission operation.
  4. Once implementation is complete we will continue to help you monitor and review progress with quarterly reviews of the data and process.

So, yes, there is a difference between selling a product, and providing a solution to a partner.

We want you to transition your business to a lower cost, lower #emission, environmentally friendly business that has successfully reduced its dependence on #fossilfuel by up to 20%. And we commit to doing so as a partner by delivering a cost free solution that will make the implementation on the way to the transition as smooth and painless as possible. To us this is #thenewnormal of doing business. Innovation. Creativity. Empathy. Lending a helping hand.

Now won’t that make a difference? An alternative to the expensive process of making redundant expertise and knowledge that you have paid for – reduce your Opex. At no cost.