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Over the years I have always enjoyed reading books and literature about self-improvement. How do we keep our brains sharp and active. How to avoid the decline in cognitive capacity as we age. How to think laterally and creatively. I’ve marvelled at the difference between leaders, managers and those that follow blindly. And it brought me in contact with the term “brain fog” that describes that feeling we sometimes encounter when our brains feel like they’re wrapped in cotton wool and just won’t function.

But what I never expected to encounter is self-induced brain-fog. People who just won’t deal with reality and just ignore reality on their lemming march across the edge of the cliff.

How else can you describe the #climatechange deniers? How else can you describe those who ignore the evidence of pea-soup fog magically lifting over cities during the pandemic? Rivers that are magically cleaned up when human destruction is halted for a few weeks.

It is not as if the pandemic of #covid-19 has been with us in force for a year or longer. In the space of a few short months magic has happened. Physically demonstrated to us. Yes, it has been disastrous economically. Yes, it is going to destroy lives. But the reality that we choose to ignore is the evidence that life before #covid-19 also destroyed lives. And our planet.

‘Oh, but the cost of fixing it!’ wails the doomsayers. No. It is not the cost. It is lifting the brain-fog, seeing the evidence and taking action. It requires a willingness. Now that we have seen it, why would we continue the lemming march?

Oh yes, the conspiracy theorists have the real answers – it is because the an Asian nation inflicted this on us. It is because the aliens do not want a certain president re-elected. Yeah…

But the reality is that there are real answers, real solutions and they don’t cost the earth.

In fact, implementing #addFuelre4m doesn’t cost a cent. You invest in adding the fuel supplement to your fleet in month 1, and from month 2 you claw more money back from the fuel companies than it costs. Significantly more. BUT, it requires a willingness to add this supplement to your fleet’s diesel. It will not only put money back into your bank, it will reduce your CO2 emissions by the amount that you reduce your consumption by. AND it will reduce NOx and other particulate emissions by more than 60%. We’ve proven it in engines ranging from ocean faring tankers, tug boats, stationary diesel generators and haulage trucks to cars.

Why would you NOT implement it? Would you believe that the answer usually lies in the fact that the CEO and CFO doesn’t care enough to ensure that their fleet managers and procurement teams implement an investment that helps to reduce the fog and smog that hangs over our cities daily? It’s not that it’s going to cost them too much money. It won’t cost a cent extra. It is just the initial effort to implement it. And you cannot believe the inertia and resistance to change when the leaders do not lead because they are too engrossed in internal politics or whatever else might be occupying their day.

Is the answer simply that many of our business leaders are not visionary enough to understand their leading role in reducing #emissions? Are not willing to combat #climatechange? To do something towards #globalwarming? To take a simple action that will reduce their #fossilfuel consumption?

Maybe some leaders are just too busy following the herd, to lead? Fortunately our clients are not. They have true leaders that are willing to take the lead and commit to reducing #emissions.

And this brave new world of our, #thenewnormal requires real leaders.

Need to save your company from economic disaster?

#Covid-19 has the world firmly in it’s grip. The consequences are seen in the weekly statistics – labour and output declining.  The clever financiers and financial wizards that used to manipulate the world’s finances are in a panic, facing #thenewnormal. All the simple rules and brilliant algorithms refined and honed since the last depression in 2008 to ensure they would survive the next one has not prepared them for this brave new world.

So, if they’re struggling, what chance do you have? Right?

You actually do, if you manage a fleet. You actually have a simple solution to reduce your overhead and expenses. Simpler than they do.

#addFuelre4m is a unique 100% natural bio fuel supplement. No, not a fuel additive. Those are nasty hazardous chemicals that you use to clean the engine. And that is all it does. Our solution is a supplement. It bonds to the fuel molecules to enhance combustion. It also cleans the engine, like additives do. But where they stop is where our work stops and that is what sets a supplement apart from an additive. In enhancing the fuel combustion, we put more power back into the ENGINE. If more of the fuel combusts in the engine and less gets exhausted because the supplement improves the combustion you do more mileage on the same tank for the same cost that previously gave you 15 to 20% less mileage. It is literally like clawing money back from the fuel companies to rescue your budget. And it literally does not cost you anything. Because the money you get back exceeds the money invested in #addFuelre4m. Oh. Yes. That’s nice.

But, wait for it. There is more. Remember the curious images in the newspapers that you scarcely glanced at showing how NOx emissions reduced over the cities during this pandemic? Remember that you thought ‘it’s all going to come back’? What if it doesn’t have to? What if you can make a difference, whilst you’re saving your budget and your company?

You can. When #addFuelre4m improves the combustion in the engine, the result is twofold:

  • Reduced fuel consumption as you now have more power back in the engine, and
  • A reduction in emissions. And again – twofold:
    • First you reduce your carbon footprint and CO2 emissions by up to 20%
    • Second you reduce that NOx emissions and particulate emissions to well within the legal limits. THAT means that your city doesn’t have to see the NOx emissions and clouds back to business as usual next year.

You CAN make a difference. Join #thenewnormal of the visionary leaders who lead. Who take this disaster as an opportunity. To renew their business.

To reduce their addition to #fossilfuel

To fight #climatechange – without spending a penny more

To action #globalwarming – without spending a penny more.

It just takes a month of time invested to figure out how best to implement it. Then you can fall back into your comfort-zone within #thenewnormal. And enjoy the returns on your investment in #addFuelre4m, knowing you have made a difference in leading your business through the financial disaster of #covid-19.

 Leading. Not following the herd.