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Fuelre4m Client Journey

How do you make the black smoke billowing from a large mining vehicle disappear?

You could hire a magician. Or you could ask Fuelre4m for help.

That black smoke from incomplete combustion and soot is a common feature on construction and mining plant plus equipment. We’ve all seen it driving down the highway behind a large construction vehicle, and it changes gears accompanied by a large billowing cloud of black smoke.

Now if you’re sitting at your desk trying to compile a sustainability report, all those billowing clouds come back to haunt you. Especially if your employer has to publish a sustainability report on how you’re going to reduce your carbon footprint. How do you make them disappear in your sustainability report? How on earth do you make #fossilfuel more environmentally friendly?

Impossible, right?

So just how much are you going to have to invest in renewable energy projects over the next decade to offset your carbon footprint? Or how about forests? Plant hectares of trees and over the next 2 decades they can offset your carbon generated this year?

Now if you have contacts at Fuelre4m, you could do it without investing millions, yet still reducing your #carbonfootprint. And improving the air quality by reducing particulate #emissions. And it has health benefits too when the #airpollution is reduced. Plus it saves the planet – reduces #globalwarming and #climatechange. Plus it would not cost you a cent, let alone millions because you would save 15 to 20% on your fuel bill. We make impossible possible when it comes to #fossilfuel. We don’t do miracles, but sometimes it could feel like it’s pretty close….

Would that not make writing the sustainability report that little bit easier?

If you have any questions of comments, please feel free to send us a note to info@fuelre4m.com