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Environmental Impact/Benefits

Everyone talks about #sustainability, shows concern about #emissions and the impact on #globalwarming and #greenhousegasses, We talk about it at Davos, the UN and conference after conference. Politicians, depending on their location and inclination would either trumpet their support or denounce it as fake news and bad science.

Then the Covid-19 pandemic struck early 2020, and government after government was forced to yield to it, bend the knee and impose some form of a lock-down. And after weeks of each economy’s wheels grinding to a halt, something astonishing happened. Mother Earth showed us her healing power and how she can nurture our earth back to health, if we just gave her some time and some support.

From China 1st came the satellite images showing the reduction in emissions over major cities around Wuhan where Covid 19 emerged, then from Naples in Italy came the same magic views. The cities in 2019. The cities a year later in 2020. The red colouring of the NOx emissions fading to a pale red. As if by magic. But sadly, proving the impact our fuel consumption has on our environment. Visibly.

Then came the astounding sights from India – on TV we see their tourism adverts for Incredible India, and suddenly, it had become so. Sights obscured for years by thick yellow pea-soup smog suddenly visible in full colour. The Ganges river without pollution. Clean water. Incredible India has emerged from the man-made fog.

In Venice we suddenly see clean canals with sea life visible. From everywhere around the globe stories emerge of sights of sea life where none had been visible for ages due to man and their recreational boating. Across the globe – images of wildlife in the cities.

#addFuelre4m has the ability to reduce noxious emissions from diesel engines by more than 60% and reducing fuel consumption by up to 20%, cut CO2 emissions by the same amount.

And talk about sustainability? It is 100% natural. Non-hazardous. Non toxic. Safe. Even the palm trees that grows the base for Fuelre4m, palm oil, are highly efficient at sequestering carbon too. From cradle to grave we either sequester or reduce carbon and emissions.

We have the product. We have the means. And, most incredibly, it actually reduces expenditure on fuel allowing companies to recover some cash from their fuel budget to help them survive these tough times.

It doesn’t cost money to keep the emissions down, it will give companies some cash back. All it needs is the will and some time in the first month. Then you simply repeat each month and your budget remains shrunk, with cash back in the corporate purse. And you have the feel-good factor of knowing you have reduced your CO2 emissions and your particulate emissions. Naturally. By up to 80%.

Now, imagine what that will look like on next years’ satellite images?

We can. We just have to want to.