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of Carbon Saved This Year

Climate Action and ESG pays dividends. Fact!

At Fuelre4m, we’ve been telling road haulier clients for ages that using Fuelre4m will pay dividends when they tender because it should give them a competitive edge – they will have a reduced cost base from the reduced fuel consumption, plus it enhances their green credentials when they complete the tender documents – they can demonstrate the positive actions they have taken to reduce their carbon footprint.

And this week we received the news from one of our ecstatic clients that this is exactly what happened – they bid for a haulage contract in the GCC region for a major European brand that features consistently in the world top 100 brands list. And their positive carbon footprint actions using Fuelre4m won them the contract! Watch our website and LinkedIn for the press release in the next week.

But this is not unusual.

Today, the 8th of December 2020, Bloomberg reported under the headline “Companies Taking Strong Climate Action Rose 46% This Year, CDP says”. We quote the headline “Those rated highly by the nonprofit for their climate disclosure gained 5% more in the stock market than their peers over the past seven years.” The full story can be read on the CDP website, and the analysis and report on Bloomberg.

But that is just the culmination of pushes by various organisations. BlackRock has been pushing ethical investment for years and even more so since Covid-19 struck this year. In 2018, the FT published a story reporting that companies with strong ESG outperformed their peers, and in June 2020 the FT confirmed yet again that companies with strong ESG outperformed the wider market over 10 years.

Our clients are starting to realise that taking active steps to reduce their carbon footprint now not only saves them cash and makes them more competitive, but even that green tinge along the edges now pays dividends.

Watch this space!