of Fuel Saved This Year

of Carbon Saved This Year

Can’t decide between cutting your budget costs and making a difference?

Some of us just don’t know how to be good citizens of the global community. They are generally identified as either narcissists or sociopaths. They don’t care about other people.

But most of us are often torn between what is good for ourselves, and trying to do some good, but caught by financial constraints. How do you balance it? We’ve referenced the Corpus Hermetica principle of polarity before when referring to #Covid-19. The bad – the disease, the unexpected good – clean air due to lockdowns.

But we have another solution for you, a little bottle of snake-oil that will cure all the ills of the world. No, honestly! It will so too!

Well, OK, not quite if we’re honest. Firstly, it is not snake-oil. But, it is 100% biological and natural. So there is a similarity there. And it won’t quite cure all the ills of the world, but it can do two things for you:

  1. Reduce your expenditure on fuel. A small investment in the first month, reducing ongoing, will continue paying you dividends thereafter. Up to 15 to 20% of your monthly fuel budget back in your pocket.
  2. AND reduce your emissions dramatically
    1. CO2 by up to 20%, and
    1. Other diesel emissions by between 60 to 80%

So there is your polarity principle for you. An investment that gives a return on investment in month one, continues to pay you dividends thereafter, AND it gives you all that feel good stuff that you’re doing something about saving the world. Something for you on the one hand and something for the rest of the world on the other hand. It is sort of like getting PAID for doing good, isn’t it? Just feels wrong, you’re supposed to pay out money for feel-good stuff. But, that is how our snake-oil works.

It is humanly possible to keep some of the benefits from the financial disaster that #Covid-19 is causing – the clean air and lessened risk of #globalwarming, improved #cleanair from less #emissions. We just have to have the desire to do it.

#addFuelre4m clients have the comfort of knowing they have reduced their #emissions, reduced their fossilfuel consumption and are contributing to #cleanair to help sustain the unexpected side effect from #Covid-19.

Given the pain and suffering that the world had has to endure from the pandemic and the significant financial impact on so many of us, would it not be nice if at least we had some benefit from it, that we could say: “It was tough, it taught us harsh lessons, but it has given us an unexpected windfall. And we’re going to hang on to it. In memory of all those hundreds of thousands who lost their lives and the millions who lost their livelihood.”

The Great Realisation should not just be a modern fairy tale on YouTube, we can make it a reality. Don’t we deserve it?

(Anushree Fadnavis and Adnan Abidi/Reuters)
Buildings in New Delhi on Nov. 8, 2018, and on April 8, 2020. (Anushree Fadnavis and Adnan Abidi/Reuters)